What No One’s Telling You About 9 Popular Decor Trends

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What No One’s Telling You About 9 Popular Decor Trends

Trends should not be taken seriously and there are two reasons for it; one they may not be everyone’s cup of tea and two, they keep on changing. While you may enjoy experimenting with trends and decor ideas, you shouldn’t spend money on something you can’t undo. Once trends go out of style, they are not just ignored and disliked but are often hated by the owner himself. Mentioned below are nine popular decor trends that people followed and hated.

  1. Earthy Tones

While it can be a smart idea to incorporate such earthy tones in some parts of your house, keeping them in every room can be a little too much. Earthy tones provide rooms and homes with a minimalist and sophisticated look no doubt. However, as elegant as these tones look, they give a very dirt-like appearance and may not be something you’d enjoy down the road.

Solution: Instead of going all light and earthy, opting for a mix of these tones with a pop of color can be a great solution. This way you can not only make your home look more appealing and stylish but also incorporate mid-century modern design into your house.

  1. White Couch

White couch became the epitome of elegance in the past couple of years because it gave the impression of being bright and fresh. It became a loved trend because even the imagination of a white sofa will make you feel as if it will go with everything and anything present in your home and that is true but it can also take your peace of mind away. A white sofa is prone to stains and not just food stains but even the slightest stain of dirt, makeup, or anything present on your fingertips. It can become a hassle to look after and so may not be the best trend to follow.

Solution: If you want to give an appearance of elegance and freshness, then a sofa with a beige color can be a smart idea.

  1. Patterned Wallpaper

For the past 10 years, patterned wallpaper has become a trend that people follow blindly but not anymore. As great as this trend was, it can also give a very obnoxiously loud touch to your elegant-looking space. This is very common if the wallpaper pattern you choose is loud instead of being soft and vibrant. Not only that, if you want to change the wallpaper down the line, taking it off can become quite a hassle.

Solution: Giving your walls a bright pop of color while keeping the other one’s light and beige can be a great alternative to these wallpapers.

  • Chrome Bathroom Accessories

While chrome accessories may give a completely decent and standout vibe to your modern-designed washroom, they have a huge drawback that people tend to ignore. Chrome faucets and showerheads tend to show water spots on them along with fingerprints and so over time they give a very unpleasant look.

Solution: You can opt for other metal items for your bathroom decor so that they do not get scratched and look shiny and elegant.

  • A Touch of Velvet To Furniture

Furniture with a velvet touch became a fad due to its extremely elegant and inviting look. People loved this trend especially due to the bright shades it is available in and the ability to contrast it with other colors. However, it is common knowledge that pet and dust hair tend to easily cling on velvet and make it look dirtier than it is. Also, velvet can wear and tear quickly making it look horrible in the living room.

Solution: Going for affordable mid-century modern furniture such as mid-century modern sectional sofas is a way better buy and will make your living room look better.

  1. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles may give your kitchen a very stylish look and make it stand out as a modern kitchen, but they are prone to chips and crack. A kitchen can be a place of chaos no doubt, and if your tiles are not designed to handle this, then they can be destroyed in a few months of being fixed.

Solution: You can opt for other types of kitchen tiles that not only look elegant but are durable as well.  

  • Chevron Rigs

Chevron geometric stripes rugs were a fad in the 2010s and are even a part of many homes today but not a great trend to follow. These rugs were colorful and this pattern is so common that you can see it on bedding, floors, wallpaper, and more. It is now usually found in the clearance aisle and is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Solution: Geometric patterns are a great idea but only in the artwork.

  • Brick Walls

Brick walls may give your home an aesthetically pleasing look but that is a very tricky business. If you get even one brick wrong, your entire brick wall can get ruined and give an ugly look instead of a modern-funky one. For this reason, if you want to opt for brick walls, don’t hesitate in hiring a professional to do your work.

Solution: If you do not want to get a professional for brick wall installation, then opting for mid-century modern decor on your walls is a great solution.

  • Glass Furniture

This furniture may look gorgeous and mind-blowing but it is a risky investment. Glass furniture is very delicate and fragile and so they require the utmost care you can give them. If you have no pets and kids and have the time and energy to look after this furniture, then go ahead and get it. However, if you do not have the energy, then stay far away.

Solution: You can opt for mid-century modern bedroom furniture instead of glass furniture to give your room the same bright and stylish look.


When it comes to decor trends, you may not like them all and still want to follow them and this is the biggest mistake you can make. Your home is supposed to represent you, it is supposed to reflect you and so following trends that do that can make your house feel like home to you.