30+ Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Create New Atmosphere

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7 Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create New Atmosphere
Your bedroom is the main place in the house to witness your life when you’re at home. Therefore, the bedroom is like a sanctuary for you, especially if you spend much of the time at home. There’s no surprise that many people put a television, even a refrigerator in the bedroom for comfort is the main thing you are looking for in the bedroom.

Have you ever felt bored with the look of your bedroom? Almost impossible it seems that you feel bored of your own bedroom. However, to give a special touch to your room and create a new atmosphere, take a look at 7 bedroom decorating ideas below!

1. Adding a Custom-Made Table in the Corner of the Room
It’s not uncommon that the bedroom is also where you do work at home. Update one corner in your room by installing wood panel and a custom-made drawer cabinet. While it is not recommended to put work area and rest place together, sometimes this option is still ideal for some people, and maybe for you.

2. Mirror for the Impression of a More Spacious Room
Mirror has become a part of the interior design that was used for a long time because of its effect which gives the impression of a wider room. Installing a mirror like this one in the bedroom can provide a different ambiance.

3. Industrial Minimalist Chandelier
This type of a hanging lamp as shown in the picture is more often found in an industrial style room, it’s characterized by the shape of the frame and its black color. However, you can still add this industrial-style lamp to your calm nuance bedroom for a different touch.

4. Wood Layer on the Wall
Change the atmosphere of your room by covering one side of the wall with wood that has different color from the floor as shown in the picture. It’s such an easy and on a budget decoration.

5. Raised Platform for the Bed
Replace your old bed platform by building a raised platform in the bedroom according to the size of the bed. This style is effective to separate the room area and bed area to occupy two people in one room.

6. Hanging Shelves
A hanging shelves in the form of horizontal wooden panels can be added to decorate your room that is not only functional but also beautiful.

7. Luxurious Lightings Like in Hotel Rooms
If you want to change the feel of the room instantly, you can play with the lightings. Add many yellow lamps or spotlights, get the lights reflected to wooden walls.