20+ Beautiful Space Saving Furniture

1 min read

Limitations of space in the house requires us to smartly choose the interior or furniture so the house does not look more cramped and crowded.
Today we are sharing the list of beautiful furniture that can also save space for any of your narrow rooms. Take a look and get inspired!

1. Convertible Coffee Table
Who thought that this white, smooth and glossy coffee table has a fantastic function? With its minimalist appearance, this table can be converted into a work table.
For those of you who like to work on the sofa, the table can be very helpful. It can be folded out so it fits to our sitting position like a desk. This table can also be a solution for people who have limitation of activity.

2. 3 in 1 Beds
This is a fun way to fit three kids in one bedroom. The side access here gives the top bunk more privacy, this is suitable for an older child who wants to define space from the younger siblings.

3. TV Cabinet
With a knock-down design, this sleek furniture offers everything you need (storage, a place for TV and other electronic equipment such as a DVD player or video game console). Such a perfect furniture for a narrow living room.

4. Hanging Shelves
Add hanging shelves on the wall, you can use it to store your books and other stuff you need without consuming a lot of space.

5. Coffee Table As Well As Dining Table
This minimalist wooden coffee table can be extended and transformed into a dining table. Use folding chairs that you can fold in and store somewhere else or hang it on the wall when you don’t use it.

6. Folding Work Desk
This compact desk will not make your room look stuffy. It has an extra storage space that open at the side to put your folders.

7. Hidden Shelves
When you open this wall, you will find shelves where you can keep all you collectibles. This compact shelves design will make your room neat and clutter free.

8. Drawer Cabinet
This space saving drawer cabinet will give you extra storage spaces in your narrow room, you can function its top surface as a table too.

9. A Kitchen in a Closet
It seems impossible to fit a kitchen in a closet, but Mill House designers have done it. When not used, this mini kitchen can be covered with folding doors, forming a smooth white wall.

10. Bookshelves
Who says a bookshelf always had to lean against the wall? This bookshelves are attached to the sides of a bed platform.