20+ Tips On Decorating Small Kitchen

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These days, small houses have mushroomed everywhere. Not only it’s cheaper, small houses are also considered suitable for young families who spend more time working than staying at home. We need a good strategy to make the most of the small space, including the kitchen.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have limited space to move around. In fact, it has some advantages. The furniture will be easier to reach, so you can save time cooking. Also, a small kitchen is easier to clean because of its limited area.

Here are some tips to decorate your small kitchen.

1. Use An Open-Plan Kitchen Concept
Remove all partitions that separate the kitchen from the dining table or other rooms. An open-plan concept can give the impression of spacious and airy. Simply place a small dining table, and opt for minimalist stools that won’t take a lot of space.

2. Make a Good Use of the Kitchen Storage
A kitchen usually includes various cooking equipment, but don’t worry because you can apply some cabinets to your limited space to store them all.
Some equipment you mostly use such as knife, spoons, forks, or even spices can be stored outside the cabinets in little containers that doesn’t take much space.

3. Minimalist Furniture
For the kitchen has limited space, it’s better for you to choose the right size of the furniture. For example a minimalist plate rack, or a mini sink like shown in the picture. You should also declutter your kitchen so it doesn’t look stuffy.

4. Bright Color
Using bright colors for a narrow room can make the room feel spacious. However, bright colors are often avoided because it could easily get dirty because of the cooking activity. But don’t worry, this can be solved by adding different color to any area that is potential to get dirty easily such as the kitchen table and the wall near the stove. Instead, you can use bright colors for other area of the kitchen such as the cabinets to give the impression of more spacious kitchen.

5. Window in the Kitchen for Proper Lighting and Ventilation
A window in a narrow kitchen can also make the room seems spacious. The natural light that comes in through the window will make the kitchen look brighter and airy. If the light from outside is bright enough, you don’t even have to turn on the lights during the day so you can save the use of electricity. Windows are also important in narrow kitchen for better air circulation.

6. Proper Lighting
If it’s not possible to install a window in your small kitchen, provide it with maximum lightings. Bright lights can also give the impression of more spacious space.
Besides installing bright lights, you can also use some materials that can reflect the light such as ceramics, marble table, and steel kitchen utensils. To maintain a good air circulation in a small kitchen without a window, install an exhaust fan or cooker hood so that the smoke during cooking will not be trapped inside.