30+ Inspiring Bathrooms with Stunning Details

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There are many elements that can make the bathroom with a small dimension even feel more comfortable, clean, and airy. Too much or too little added element can indeed be the culprit, but the experts often argue that the vague concepts usually become the major problems that must be solved first.

Although the bathroom with modern and minimalist design is still an option, but that doesn’t mean the details cannot be added in the design. For ‘The devil is in the details,’ we’re going to show you 7 inspiring bathrooms where the details not just be a complement of the interior, but also intelligent.

1. Integration of the Elements of ‘Green’
Integrating green elements into the bathroom does not mean simply adjusting the existing furniture in green or adding living plants in some corners to maintain harmony in the interior design of the bathroom. Look at the picture, and see how the bathroom’s done. This simple decorating idea complements the interior in terms of color and makes it more integrated. Smart, right?

2. Stone and Wood
While everywhere else is done in a beautiful combination of white and grey stone, the wood accent is found in the form of wood panel in the middle of a sliding door. Also in the storage space and the lazy chair that will support your relaxation time.

3. Metallic and Eclectic
Here, the perfect use of natural lighting is the key. The whitewashed wall, metal elements in the bathtub, and glowing ceramic floor create maximum illumination.

4. Simple but Special
Does your house have limited space? You can take an advantage of the attic of your house for an enchanting bathroom with skylight installation. Imagine a hot bath with the view of the night sky.

5. Semi-Open
Inspired by a unique spa design, this bathroom adapts the concept of a semi-open bathroom to get more touch of nature.

6. Wave
Wood elements can indeed make any room beautiful, but you need to keep in mind that you should consider carefully the type of the wood and its maintenance if you want to integrate it as an element of your bathroom interior. If you can find the perfect material and design, you can enjoy the bathup with a whirlpool installation like this one.

7. Transparent Cubicle
Small, luxurious yet simple are the right words to describe the design of this one. Although there are not many ornaments, it still feels comfortable and relaxing. The bathup is also equipped with a water sprayer to massage your back when you’re having a bath.