20+ Wooden Interior Inspirations for Different Rooms in the House

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If you are planning or currently in the process of renovating your house, you can take inspirations from this JC House project by ARF Interior in South Jakarta that works on the timber interior installation in all parts of the house. Installation of wooden elements for different rooms in the house can be a fun project and will give a fresh and new look to your house. Take a look at these inspirations!

1. Installing Cabinet on the Corner of the Room
Do you have a spare corner in your bedroom? Mounting cabinets and open shelves to fill the empty corner of your room like this example can be your choice to decorate and make use of the space as well.

2. Shoe Cabinet in Disguise
This wooden cabinet has the impression of a walk-in closet because of the display lamps that illuminate the rack. The wooden door of this cabinet almost looks like an ordinary wooden wall as if the cabinet is in disguise, what a perfect design.
When you open its door, there are hooks to hang your shoes, still with that luxurious lighting details. There are also additional drawers where you can store all your socks.

3. Wooden Framed Mirror
Right across the shoe cabinet, there is a large mirror with a wooden frame which successfully gives an add to the impression of luxury.

4. Wooden Ceiling
These ¬tatami-like wooden ceiling panels are mounted to the ceiling that fulfill the all-wood design in the room.

5. Dressing Table
A little gap in the room that is dominated by wood elements is the presence of a whitewash dressing table complete with makeup mirrors. It becomes an important complement to this room that will please the owner of the house.

6. The Sink in the Corner of the Bathroom
The wood element on the corner of this bathroom is found in the wooden drawers that are placed just under the sink. The light that is reflected by the mirror makes this typical wooden drawers look luxurious.
Another example, in the following bathroom, there are a larger mirror and more wooden drawers.

7. The Classic Wooden Cabinet
Another wooden elements in this house comes in the form of this classic style wooden cabinet. This completed the renovation of this luxurious all-wood decoration.
Which type of wood elements in the room that attracts you most?