30+ Functional Dish Storage Inspirations for Your Kitchen

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Dish storage in the kitchen is an important element that is often not taken into account as a decorating element as well for the kitchen. When it comes to choosing a dish storage, we are obviously more focused on its function: to store and organize the cutlery.

However, some dish storage inspirations we are sharing today can give you the new ideas to organize your kitchen without leaving the main function to store the plate. Take a look.

1. Hotel Stroller-Like Dish Shelves
You may often see a stroller containing various cleaning equipment and utensils are driven everywhere by the hotel staff. This dish shelves takes inspiration from a stroller, it presents in modern minimalist design which is unique with wooden surface and legs that comes in gray color.

2. The Elegant Dish Rack
Either it’s attached to the wall or under the counter, this dish rack adapts to the surrounding interior which give an elegant and luxurious feel.

3. Minimalist Dish Rack
This dish rack consists of several horizontal wooden panels and placed between two large cabinets. Such doorless dish rack can be used to display china or store your most used dishes.

4. Eclectic Dish Shelves
Adjusting to the style of the interior in the kitchen, this dish shelves is part of an eclectic kitchen with combination of purple and green color that are rarely found. Frosted glass are used to cover the shelves where the dishes are stored so that the utensils are kept clean.

5. Dish Shelves that Extends in the Hallway
This shelves is a place to store plates in a hall-shaped room. Dish shelves like this can make use of every corner of the room, and even function as a table completed with a high stalls.

6. Modern Glass Rack
This rack doesn’t look like a place to store cutlery because of the pitch black glass choice. If you are into a modern interior that is rather luxurious, you can use a dish rack like this one.

7. Insulated Dish Cabinet with Wooden Door
The kitchen looks neat because all the utensils are behind the wooden door of this dish cabinet.

8. Dish Rack in a Standard Kitchen Set
This type of dish rack is very easy to find in most houses. This cabinet is hanging on the wall, it includes three-tiered rack and glass doors. You can easily find a similar type of this dish cabinet.
Which dish rack you’d like to have in your kitchen?