20+ Colors to Make Your Room Look Bigger

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What paint colors can make the room seem bigger? The answer that comes to our mind must be the color white. However, white is not the only color that gives airy effect. There are some other colors that can be used to meet this requirement. Here are 10 colors that are suitable for narrow rooms.

1. Navy Blue
We have heard before that dark colors can make the room look gloomy and small. However, the right application of dark colors will result an extraordinary look. The combination of navy blue, white, and yellow here is enchanting. Sometimes it makes us forget that the room is actually not that broad. We suggest that you choose neutral colors for the furniture and decoration so that the room doesn’t seem excessive.

2. Turquoise Accent
This one is the technique where you paint one or two walls in a different color from the rest of the walls. The goal is to create a visual separation, or determine the focal point. It can be used in a narrow room to bring the illusion of a bigger room.

3. Bold Red
The bold red accentuate aggressiveness and high energy. We recommend that you match it with white furniture and decoration to create a contrasting look. Paint the ceiling with a brighter color than the walls. This also will do the trick to make the room look taller and feel wider.

4. Beige Color and Wood Texture
The best way to emphasize the dimension of a narrow room is by applying textured walls. The combination of natural beige color and the walls with wood finishing like this one invites a warm impression.

5. Decorations on White Walls
To avoid a boring look, decorate your white walls with wall stickers or minimalist murals. This trick will make the room look more beautiful and alive even though the area is limited.

6. Grey and White
The combination of grey and white always work on a room with either classic or modern style. This will make it easier for you to decorate the room with accessories in other bright colors. The furniture and the wall as shown in the picture create a stunning visual cohesion and make the room seem more spacious.

7. Lime Green
If you live in a place with warm temperature and your room is filled with natural light, use lime green to give tropical touch to the room. The room in the picture looks beautiful with Mexican ceramic tiles.

8. White on White
If you like the color white, we recommend you to bring monochrome shades to your room. In this picture, all the floor, walls, furniture, and even the mosquito nets are done in white. The result is the room looks very bright, yet soft and airy.

9. Red Wine
Red wine is a wonderful alternative color as a wall accent. The room in this picture looks elegant and carefully laid out along with furniture in neutral shades.

10. Pastel Colors
This pastel blue color can be another choice for your narrow room. Using decorations in the same color with the walls is a clever way to beautify the room and give a spacious effect to the room.