30+ Smart Ways To Organize Your Home With Pegboards

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If you are familiar with hanging pots or pans, you’ll be happy to know that the idea can be transferred for any room in the house. Using pegboard at home means you can have unlimited options for decorating and organizing — you can have different sizes based on the spare space you have, paint it in any way you like, use different kinds of hooks, display tons of art or keep it practical by storing only things you need, and you can rearrange things anytime as you see fit. Pegboards come in handy not only in the kitchens or garages, here are some ideas to use pegboards in different room in your house. Take a look!

In the Kitchen
If your kitchen is lacking in spaces or you see that placing some cabinets make it look bulky, try installing pegboard to store various stuff: kitchen utensils and supplies, pans, pots, and other things. There are various options of colors and materials you can pick based on your taste.

In the Home Office
You don’t need a desk full of drawers to keep your home office area neat and organized, you can hang and display stuffs you need in a pegboard. A little one can go a long way in the space above your desk. You can attach various rails, basket, shelves, and hook for whatever office supplies so you can get them easily on hand. You can also decorate it with pics or plants.

In Kid’s Rooms
Attach a pegboard over the desk in your kid’s room to hold all the pencils, or other school stationary. It may be helpful if your kids keep losing those little stuff, or they can hang their artworks and drawings. You can also hang a pegboard on the wall next to the bed so your kids can decorate it as they like it, or store their favorite toys. If it’s a nursery room, which often have a small space, a pegboard can be a solution to hold a diaper or all accessories and stuff you need for the baby.

In the Closet
You can get more out of your closet by installing pegboard on any blank wall space you have in the closet and use it to hang or display accessories like jewelry, bags, hats, and even clothes. It sure will keep your closet neat and organized.