20+ Drawer Cabinet Designs for Your Narrow Houses

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A drawer cabinet is a common furniture that is certainly available in houses in general. Besides buying a new finished drawer cabinet, you can also have it DIYed.

This is a perfect storage furniture for your kitchen, bedroom, even the living room. Here are a few examples of drawer cabinets that are appropriate for a small house.

1. Hidden Drawer Cabinet
Placed in the kitchen, this drawer cabinet does not have a wide size so it is ideal for small kitchens. When the cabinet’s door is opened, you will find a set of drawers and compartments where you can store some seasonings or cooking utensils and get them organized in a limited area.

2. Hanging Shelves
This wall hanging shelves contain three levels and it can be used to store cutlery for the kitchen. This space saving shelves will keep your small house neat and organized.

3. Home Office Nook with Floor to Ceiling Rack
Combining floor to ceiling rack with desk like this one will save a lot of space and creates a new storage place to put various things in large quantities.

4. Wall Mounted Shelves
You can make a specific cavity in the wall then mount the shelves there for storage. This is a good option for houses with limited area.

5. A Built-In Drawers
This type of wooden drawers were constructed mounted to the wall or usually called a built-in drawers. This can be a perfect extra storage area in your small house. Also the wood material that contrasting the wall makes the room look prettier.

6. Utilization of the Room Corner
This drawers cabinet and shelves that placed in the corner of the room can usually be custom-made. It’s suitable for little extra space in the nook to store your books.

7. Drawer Cabinet under the Stairs
You can attach a drawer cabinet to the unused area under the stairs like shown in the picture.

8. The Extra Drawers in the Closet
A closet can be more functional with additional drawers in it. You can arrange or display your things in many ways that you like, keep the closet tidy and organized.

9. Shelves Under the Stairs
Besides drawers cabinet, you can also attach a racks or shelves to the empty area under the stairs, or even the combination of both. Another space-saving storage solution for a small house.