20+ Wall Color Inspirations for Every Room in the House

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Wall paint color is an important element in determining the personality of a house. For example, a Scandinavian style is dominated by the colors of white and pastel, a modern apartments are often decorated with bright colors, while classic style usually have a darker nuance with wooden interiors.

As for the children’s rooms, we rarely see them painted in shades of grey, black, or brown. Take a look at these wall paint color ideas!

1. Brown for Staircase Wall
This brown color can convey the elegance and is perfect to give a chic look to the entrance as shown in the picture. Brown is a neutral color that is ideal for this part of the house. To avoid the impression of gloomy, only apply this color to one wall and match it with a contrasting color white.

2. Coral for the Dining Room
Coral is a vibrant color that feels fresh and modern. Adding several layers of light and placing a contrasting white furniture will provide balance and give an elegant look.

3. Sky Blue for the Living Room
If you think that the sky color only suits children’s rooms, take a look at this living room example. The interior designer use sky blue color for the walls and other details such as the sofa cover. The furniture chosen also give a sense of eclectic and elegant.

4. Black Walls with a Hint of Gold
Black and gold, the combination of these two glamourous colors can be used for the bathroom. Cover your bathroom walls with black and gold tiles. The result will impress anyone who enters the bathroom.

5. White and Black
Unlike the previous example, the color black here is combined with white to create a simple and friendly look, yet still elegant. However, you should keep in mind that a black space may look gloomy and small unless you provide it with proper lightings.

6. Red of Pink for the Kitchen
This type of bright and bold colors is mostly suitable for a spacious room that receives a lot of natural light. Only match it with neutral color such as white, so you create balance between the walls and other elements in the kitchen.

7. Grey for the Bedroom
You can’t neglect grey when it comes to choose colors for your bedroom. Go for a contrasting bright or warm colors for balance combination, this will give the bedroom an elegant and minimalist look.