20+ Wood Railing Ideas for Your House Style

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As an element of a house, the stairs also play an important role that supports the beauty of your house. These days, a stair railing design can also add to the aesthetic value without leaving its function as a safety feature.

The interesting thing is, the stair railings can be designed following the style of your house.
Here are some sampling of stair railing designs out there. All of them use wood material. Take a look and get inspired.

Modern Style house
The concept of a modern house usually comes with the impression of clean, spacious, and not cluttered. Wood material is often used as the key element of this type of house, either on the floor or for the stair railing. If you are interested in highlighting the modern style in your house, create a plain wooden stair railing. In this example, the stair railing also function as a room divider wall.

Minimalist Style House
A minimalist house actually does not require a lot of carving or any conspicuous stair railing design. Therefore, in order to emphasize the minimalism of the house, use the combination of iron material for the handrail and dark wood for the steps.

Classic Style House
You may often see this type of stair railing in the movies. A stair railing like this one is not only display a classic impression to the rest of the house, but also safe for children. Personalize the look by creating a snaking stairs so it’s not monotonous.

Rustic Style House
Rustic is an American architectural style that is generally used for buildings in the village, or for the structure and interior design of private houses. In the architecture and interior world, a rustic style house is characterized by a rough texture and finishing. You can see the example in this picture, the wooden stair railing maintains the structure of the wood as it is, without being sanded or trimmed.

Artistic Style House
Artistic style can be highlighted in a variety of home furnishings or interior design. As for the stair railing, you can add carved railing of your taste and keep the wood color.

Futuristic Style House
To keep the futuristic impression in your house, paint your stairway wall in white that is contrasting to the wood color of the steps. You can also apply LED lights along the stairs to create a more unique look. Cool, huh?