20+ This Japanese House Looks Peculiar but Beautiful

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As a child, we used to draw a house with a box shape as the frame and a triangle as the roof, but that’s still far different from this Japanese house. The shape is strange but still pleasing to the eye. Not only beautiful, the house is also utilizing every space and corner, make a sophisticated modern house. Curious? Let’s take a look at these picture.

Asymmetric but Sweet
The shape is asymmetrical, consisting of unusual triangle and square shapes. This is the side view of the house. The selection of dark grey color becomes a distinctive character of this house. The house is located in the suburbs area, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Being One with Nature
The stones pile in the front area of this house and the large trees in the background make this house seem being one with nature. A color contrast created between the green trees and the grey house. And of course, as one characteristic of Japanese house, wood element also used for this house. So beautiful and natural, right?

Very Broad and Simple
In this airy room, a fan is the only thing that decorates the high ceiling. The large windows are installed without curtains, allow us to see directly the view outside. The couch can be the best spot to relax while enjoying the view.

Open Up to the Ceiling
This house is designed such that it’s completely open without any insulation. The High ceiling even allow us to see all the windows on the second floor. The living room is also integrated with the kitchen and dining room. The family can easily communicate with each other from one room to another. Genius!

Gorgeous Kitchen and Dining Room
This wood-dominated kitchen and dining room is very pretty. The simple design with cool brown and white tiled walls makes it look nice. Just a single wooden hanging lamp is enough to make this area look lively. Who doesn’t like to linger in this room?

Comfortable Living Room
This is what you’ll see when you’re sitting or relaxing on the couch you’ve seen earlier. A large TV is placed on the drawers cabinet where you can store all your books or DVD collection. The super large window on the left side allows you to watch the colorful season changes. So interesting!

Classy Black Fireplace
Still using a dark color, this fireplace looks classy in this area. This fireplace is located next to the wooden staircase, while the empty space under the stairs is used to put a bike. The decoration around the stairs is also simple, just one potted plant.

The Bedroom in the Attic
Although the shape of this house’s roof is unusual, doesn’t mean you can’t utilize this space that is often overlooked. This narrow corner has been transformed into a minimalist bedroom with wood accent, offering comfort and warmth in this area. A small window, a single air-conditioning, and two soft white beddings are enough to relax and have some rest.

Rays of Light Coming from the House
The house looks so pretty when the sun begins to set and the lights are turned on. The warm yellow light brings up a beautiful glow from inside, emphasizing the unique design of this house.