Great Ideas For House Terrace Dining Room 31
Great Ideas For House Terrace Dining Room 31

30+ Great Ideas for House Terrace Dining Room

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In the heat of summer, some people expect to spend most of their time outdoors, especially when enjoying meal, for a hot air can affect mood and even tastes.

Therefore, today we will show you six outdoor dining area to inspire you to eat outside the house, close to nature and away from heat. Let’s take a look!

1. The Dining Room with A Tropical Style
A rustic style is usually characterized by a bamboo roof that can create an attractive shade and provide tropical air in this area that is dominated by wood element. The glass windows and doors there allow air flow and natural light in the room, also connect the area to the outside nature.

2. Outdoor Dining
A dining room on a covered terrace is ideal to enjoying food while feeling the breeze. As seen in the picture, this dining table is right next to the grill that is mounted to the wall. It’s a part of the decoration that is also useful.

3. Simple and Inviting
This dining room is inside the house, but the large windows allow us to see the view outside. We can find a style combination here, the rustic table that provides a perfect warmth, modern chairs and decorations around the room, and a sculpture. The window can be opened as the room access to the outside.

4. More Romantic
A feminine or romantic touches can encourage you to create a room based on your taste, you can always copy the decoration like in this picture. Besides the decoration, we can see how the wood element stands out between those floral themed room with beautiful curtains and hanging lamps. The large windows make the room bright with natural lighting.

5. An Integrated Dining Room
The dining room in this picture is well integrated to the kitchen and the large terrace outside. This kitchen is in modern style with the brick wall, while the dining room includes an elongated wooden dining table that blends perfectly with the wooden floor, and bright for the natural light coming through the glass partition and the ceiling window.

6. Simplicity
What is obvious in the current dining room is its simplicity, but at the same time it’s very interesting. Bright colored materials and decorations are chosen to create an attractive look, and the semi-open roof allows exciting play of light and shadow. The white dining table fits the darker colored chairs, and the windows allow us to see the beautiful and colorful scenery outside.

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