30+ Comfortable Houses Designed for Small Families

Are you dreaming about building a house on your own land that suits your taste, currently planning to build your ideal house? The following house designs we are sharing today can be your inspiration to build one comfortable home yourselves.

These houses are not only beautiful in their appearance but also offer you a comfortable ambiance where you can relax with your family. Each house is in a Moderate size, but spacious enough to bring the family close together. Now, take a look at these houses and get inspired!

1. The Airy Atmosphere
The first house we show you here is done with white wall and blue windows that are not only pleasing to the eyes but also can give the impression of an airy dwelling. The covered terrace allows the whole family to have some relaxing time outside the house.

2. Yamagata Roof
The Yamagata roof and the earthy colored walls of this house blend nicely and full of simplicity. Your family will find joy when they’re coming home after a busy schedule.

3. Japanese Style House
This simple two-storey Japanese style house looks soft with the stone material combined with the wooden interior to create a warmth feeling. The plants near the entrance give a little touch of nature to this house.

4. The Color Combo of Blue, White, and Green
The shade of blue and white will remind people of the blue sky with white clouds, and it looks contras to the green grass garden. A large glass sliding door connects the house to the terrace, you would love to enjoy some time in this comfortable terrace.

5. Simple Concrete House
This house is suitable for those of you who want to live in a countryside. The combination of concrete and stone materials suits the green surrounding.

6. Rusty Grey
This steel house is done in a unique color grey that brings up the beauty of a rustic style. The house looks tough, but still pretty. It’s really suitable for a small family.

7. Pretty Garden
This small house uses a unique color palette that make it looks elegant. There is a quite narrow but comfortable terrace that faces to a small garden which is so pretty.

8. A House in the Wood
This modern house is surrounded beautifully by trees that provide shade and in times turn into shadows, but don’t worry, the house doesn’t look gloomy at all for the white color selection and the large glass windows and doors that provide natural light for the house and create an airy feeling.

9. Bungalow
Gray roof tiles and white walls are always interesting. This house is equipped with modern interior that suits the owner and meets the comfort needs for a living.

Carl L. Miller

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