20+ Japanese-inspired Living Rooms with Minimalist Charm

The guest is king. As for a king, we’re supposed to provide comfort to the guests who visit our house. Either big or narrow the living room we have, we should make it comfortable to live in.

This time, we will show you some inspiration of the layout of the Japanese-style living room from various designers and how to keep it comfortable. Let’s see how they look like.

Cramped Living Room Arrangement (6-tatami)
The key of narrow living room layout is the right placement of the couch. The couch can be placed in the corner or at the widest empty area of the room in a straight line without disturbing the traffic and entrance.

This design created by SWITCH&Co is one example of an efficient design. This room can make guests feel loose even though there are a dining room and a kitchen. What makes it different is the design of the Japanese style table and short chairs.

10-tatami Living Room Layout
This room tries to combine the function of the dining room with the living room, it’s indicated by placing a sofa together with a dining table and some chairs. The sofa is made higher so that the sitting position can be parallel to the dining table.

This design seems relaxing, reminds us of a café or restaurant with sofas attached to the wall.
14-tatami Living Room Layout
In the last few years in Japan, there are more and more people who are no longer place any couch in their living room. They returned to the traditional way to minimize placing many furniture. Besides, this type of limited space layout is a popular trend nowadays.

As an example, this living room layout by Tsuji-Chikagawa eliminates the couch and use tatami instead.
16-tatami Living Room Layout
This attractive living room is the work by Terry Design, it’s actually a repurposed garage. This is a beautiful spacious industrial living room with the accent of warm wood.

20-tatami Living Room Layout
A 30 square-meter house in Japan is broad enough to include a living room and a kitchen. This living room design by Fit Ltd. uses sliding doors that can function as a partition when you need some privacy. It’s a form of modernity in a traditional Japanese living room.

Long and Narrow Living Room
If you have a living room which is long and narrow, this design is for you. You can create a virtual line that separate the living room from the dining room by placing your furniture in a straight line like shown in the picture.

Living Room Landscape Design
The industrial style characterized by the wood element of the floor and the furniture makes this living room look attractive and loose. It’s ideal for our contemporary lifestyle.


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