30+ Practical Kitchen Ideas You Will Definitely Like

A good storage space can also be a kitchen decoration. Discover these 15 smart kitchen inspirations you will surely love. Take a look.

1. The rail system
It’s a great solution, especially for the corner of kitchen cabinet which is almost useless. They slid over from the right-hand side, from deep in the corner. This rail system is quite practical when made into a functional cabinets.
2. Wall Corner
A small kitchen and a relaxing space beautifully arranged with a long island next to the wall corner as a separator.
3. A Shelf above the Window
In some kitchens or dining rooms, a window allows communication between rooms. One example is the kitchen in the picture, there’s a window on the wall inside the house. You can make it more functional by adding wall shelves right above the window.
4. Creative Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets don’t have to have a standard form, it can appear in a different way. This kitchen cabinets are so attractive with different sizes and a round shape that take more space but looks fun.
5. Hidden Storage
A built-in kitchen creates a gap. Do you also think so? If you have a lot of stuff, you can give the others surprise by having one of this hidden storage.
6. Bar Corner
A large kitchen table sometimes limit our movement. Again, you might not want to place a kitchen island. You need a great solution for this, and this mini bar designed in an L-form is a practical idea.
7. Decorative Wall Shelves
You can decorate your empty wall with decorative items. This interesting wall shelves is one of the great ideas.
8. Wall Stickers for Fun
Applying wall stickers is the easiest way to decorate your kitchen. It comes in various patterns and shapes, a fun way to decorate your empty kitchen wall.
9. Behind the Cover
For kitchen in a small apartment, this design is perfect to fill the space. This example comes with flaps that give the impression of extending from the floor to the ceiling, also kitchen cabinets and countertops.
10. Modern Warehouse
Back in the days, kitchen was functioned as a pantry storage. Nowadays, we can allocate separate space for the pantry. It seems impossible, especially in apartments, but this high capacity storage element can certainly be applied to large spaces.
11. Extending Tables
This idea is very interesting. The thick wooden table is quite narrow. Thanks to the second part that can be pulled from under the table, it looks like the bar function.
12. Tanning Point
Another model you can copy is this creative kitchen cabinet. This design has tanning facilities rather than vertically aligned cabinet doors.
13. Portable Kitchen Shelves
Nowadays, you can find many electronic equipment’s mounted to the wall or placed in an open metal cabinet designed as a rack.
14. Library Island Table
The lower part of the island countertop is usually designed as a closet. However, it remains inert. In this example, the side part is a mini library.
15. Against the Wall
Our last example is a special design for a long and thin kitchen area. In this mini bar design, the cabinets are installed on both opposite walls.


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