20+ The Wood Interior in This Split Level House in South Jakarta is Fantastic!

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If you live in a big city like Jakarta, it will be quite difficult to build a house that can be an oasis for you. The crowd of Jakarta is only tolerable if you have a beautiful and soothing dwelling in the heart of this city, completed with interiors that feel close to nature, minimalist, modern, and easy to be realized even in a limited space.

This split-level house in South Jakarta, called the Yasmin House, is the project of SAE Studio. Take a look at this house and get inspired!

1. The Semi-Open Lounge
This area that becomes the heart of Yasmin House has a semi-open impression for half of the ceiling is made of translucent glass, followed by a beautiful glass wall. This split-level lounge area includes a ground floor and upper level floor. Besides for hosting guests, this lounge could also be a private area for the family to relax.
2. The Dining Room
The consistent theme of Yasmin House is the amount of ventilation that connect the house to the outside air and greenery, including in this dining area.
3. The Stairs to the Second Floor
Stairs with this type of railings is created to reduce the feeling of insulation, a typical of split-level technique. The second floor area is at a moderate height, so that it seems united with the lounge area at the lower level.
4. The Room with the Glass Wall
On this corner of the house, a decorative cabinet is placed right next to the glass partition. The cabinet is used for storage and to put on some home decorations.
5. Natural Elements
The green plants at the open area of the house adds to the beautiful vibrant of this house.
6. Piano Corner
The sloping roof with translucent glass allows sun rays to enter this area. This room with large glass windows can be a perfect corner to put a wooden piano that match with the other wood elements around the house.
7. Open-Plan Space
The decorative carpet is the only thing that separate the living room from the dining area. Further, we can see a simple wooden steps that emphasize the split-level style of this house.
8. The Stairs is Bathed in Sunshine
Look closer at this wooden stairs of this house, this area is also exposed by the sunlight because of the glass ceiling.