30+ Small House with a Brilliant Design

Home Staging Factory is a provider of architectural and interior design services in Portugal. This company which focus on creating real estate products has managed to create a lot of designs that meet their clients’ expectations.

Home Staging Factory is able to provide creative and dynamic solutions that adapt to all client requests. The house project that we are going to share this time is an example of their work.
This vacation home or villa is located in Vale do Lobo, Almancil, Portugal. You will see the ideal place to spend the summer holidays with a very comfortable villa facilities. Could you imagine the appearance of a villa with a unique landscape and a very comfortable place to relax and enjoy the holidays? Let’s just take a look.

Interesting Details
The picture shows one of the bedrooms in this house, the room is equipped with a simple drawer cabinet for storage so that the area will look neat and clean. A table lamp and a couple of potted plants are place on the drawer cabinet, such a simple decoration but interesting.

Ideal Place to Rest
This bedroom looks simple and minimalist. We can see a neutral palette in the combination of the bedding and furniture color choices with the wooden floor and headboard. This element creates a minimalist style which is comfortable and inviting.

A Comfortable Room
This lounge and dining room uses a modern concept with minimum number of furniture. A home vacation usually is for a short time vacation so it wouldn’t need that many furniture or decorations.

The Simple Design
The simple design and fresh environment will remind you of those happy days on the summer vacation.

Perfect Lighting
Natural lighting has always been one of the main elements of a good interior design. This compartment has a direct access to the terrace, or we can just enjoy the view outside through the glass sliding door from the lounge.

Utilize the Space
This small terrace face to the sea, an ideal spot to enjoy the summer night. The rustic and casual style help to create a relaxing atmosphere in this place.

Total Relaxation
There are places that get us dreaming because we feel free and peaceful there. In this house, that kind of place is the terrace. Look at the picture, the lazy chairs can awaken the idea of a perfect holiday.
The sun and the breeze of the sea are the absolute protagonists in this place, it’s ideal for a vacation with family and friends.


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