20+ Fantastic Wall Design Ideas

Usually, we hang a painting or family photos to decorate the walls, but have you ever considered to personalize the details, materials, color selection, or decoration of your walls? These are 7 examples of special wall decorations that can be your inspiration. Take a look!

1. Stone Wall
To make the wall stand out, you can use stone material that gives the impression of elegance to the room. There are several types of stones that are easily found and used as decorations. The type of stones with a rough texture or with bright colors can make a home look rustic.
Stone Material for Modern Houses
There are various colors and texture of stones you can choose for your home decor. For a modern and minimalist house, try applying dark colored stones with smooth texture.
2. A Picture with a Thousand Meanings
You can place a large picture or painting to fill the gaps in your bedroom, dining room, or living room walls. Choose a picture that matches the decoration style of the room. There are many pictures and paintings that are made of washable materials so you don’t need to be afraid of it’s getting dirt anymore.
3. Kitchen Wallpaper
Wallpaper becomes a favorite room decoration. For there are many choices of patterns and textures available, you might be confused to choose the right style. Just remember the main principle of selecting wallpaper for your walls: less is more. Choose a simple pattern to give the impression of luxury to your room. Match the color of the wall with the wallpaper and furniture color as that it forms an attractive color combination that blends nicely.
4. Mirror
Applying mirror on the wall can make the room feels twice as big. Make sure the mirror is always clean, so it can perfectly reflect the light that can make the room brighter.
5. Wooden Wall
We’re all familiar with wooden wall in different styles. In this example, the wall is covered with square shaped wooden pieces in different colors so it makes a unique and interesting pattern. This type of decoration is suitable for the entrance area of your house; a little touch of wood to welcome your guest.
6. Original Coatings
In this picture, you see a bathroom wall that is covered with a pile of shells that look sparkling and expensive. You can use this type of material to coat the whole bathroom walls or just a certain area such as the shower.
7. Wall Garden
There is always a place for plants to beauty different rooms of the house such as the entrance area, kitchen, living room, or dining room. A green wall can help you out of boring decoration. You need to choose plants that are easy to maintain. Artificial plants could be the right choice.


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