30+ Ways to Deal with Narrow and Dark Room

1 min read

When you arrange the room interior, sometimes you encounter a small, dark room and you want to make this area seem brighter and feel more comfortable — but how? In low-light conditions, the division of a room should be adjusted with furniture and decoration.

This time, we are sharing 7 ways to turn a dark room into a brighter one and make the narrow space feel comfortable and roomy. Take a look.

Bright Color Walls
The walls should be brightly colored so that the room looks glowing. It’s because our goal is to make the dark and cramped room look brighter in any way. Not only bright walls, the use of bright colored furniture can also help us to achieve this goal.

Yellow and beige color are perfect for narrow spaces, make it look bigger and create a cheerful ambiance. Bright color also will not make the room feel boring.

Avoid Adding Too Much Decoration
In a limited space, proper arrangement is the main purpose. Ornaments that are messy will make the room uncomfortable. Choose a coffee table with wide feet, this will make the room feel wider than it really is.
Avoid decorating the room with too many objects, even if they are small. The simple furniture choice like in the picture creates harmony and airy impression.

The Ceiling
Don’t forget about the ceiling. This element can also change the appearance of each room in the house. This room doesn’t feel too dark because there are two windows there, the right color choice also makes this room seem brighter.

The color white is applied to the ceiling, furniture, also the window and door frames to strengthen the sunlight that comes through the windows. It looks contrast with the color blue, but still in harmony.
Another tip to create an enhancing effect is by applying a carpet on the floor, especially the geometric patterned carpet like this one that is believed to give a depth illusions.