20+ Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is no longer a dirty, messy, or always in the back of the house. These days, kitchen is not only just a place to cook but also where friends and family get together enjoying meal time while socializing.

Today we’d like to inspire you with these 11 kitchen designs with the extraordinary white dominance, all of them are the work of Clean Design. You will see how the color white can be fresh, cheerful, and very elegant with just a hint of colors on the furniture and small accessories.

1. Teal on a Sparkling White Color
This kitchen is dominated by white with metal components on the table, stove, and refrigerator. Round lamps, fresh flowers, yellow vases, also the wooden floor and ceiling with concentric pattern of LEDs emphasize the glow and modernity of the room.
The touch of teal color can be found in the form of hanging cloth on the stove, the pan, and pillows cover. It’s a great details color that add luxury, and can be replaced quickly and easily as you feel bored with this color. So smart!

2. Clear and Elegant
Still dominated by white color, only it looks clearer with the island table with marble surface and the hanging lamps that seem elegant. The choice of blue accessories and utilities also add the elegance of this kitchen.
Imagine if all the blue accessories are replaced with black! Could be even cooler, right?

3. Luxury Transparent in Fashionable Design
Those are very fashionable transparent chairs.
The transparent high chairs, a touch of lime green color, wooden floor, and greyish blue details conquer this white-dominated kitchen. On the other hand, the fresh colored flowers, white overhead kitchen cabinet, metal color on the surface of the counter, also the island table supported by enough light to illuminate the kitchen give a clean and practical impression.

4. Enchanting Light
Natural light that flows throughout the windows and skylights makes this kitchen more brightly sparkling.
On the opposite corner, this kitchen looks very modern with shiny metal chairs and the contrasting colors of the curtains. Paintings with matching colors don’t let the walls left empty. The hanging lamps also add sparkle to this kitchen.

5. Graceful and Enthusiastic
All of you who like a colorful room will love this design. The mosaic on the wall can get you more excited when you’re cooking.
This kitchen is furnished with modern equipment with grey tiles that make it look simple.
A hint of orange color found in some accessories such as pots, books, and decorative jar, give more warmth to this kitchen. The placement of white flowers with green stalks fits with the poppy orange and mosaic on the wall.

6. Calming
the colors combination of deep red, wood element on the floor, the glow of marble table, a little metallic gloss of the stove, and white flowers with green stalks are very calming.

7. Emitting Joy
Cheerful, warm, and beautiful are the words for this kitchen. It’s elegantly decorated with stainless, glass, and yellow color that looks luxurious and stylish.

8. Simple but Smart
The contemporary design that is executed with simplicity makes this kitchen look very prominent. Every element in this kitchen is chosen carefully so it looks beautiful in appearance yet doesn’t neglect its function.

9. Unique Characteristic
Take a look at the decoration on the walls. Very artistic.
A warm characteristic is very visible with artistic details and decorations on the walls. This clean and neat white kitchen looks fresher with the green color choice for the kitchen equipment and the lamps. So original.

10. Beautiful Shade of Green
Green is a calming and refreshing color. In this kitchen, the green color is combined with brown color of the wood that is so natural and makes this area seem refreshing. It feels like we’re connected with a fresh nature,

11. Beautiful, Comfy, and Warm
The neutral colors and the cool design of this modular kitchen emphasize the color and motif of the beautiful wood element. The familiarity of its appearance will remind you of the comfort and warmth of your grandmother’s kitchen.

Carl L. Miller

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