30+ Cute Garden Fences Walls Ideas

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It’s been quite sometime that you’ve been contemplating on a complete overhaul of your garden after several years of caring for the same plants, flowers and trees that have grown stubborn and have become difficult to maintain. The wooden garden fence that used to blend so beautifully with your country style home has already seen its days and is just about ready to retire.

So you ask yourself, “Where do I start?” Your new garden concept should always be in harmony with the design of your house. Even if you are not changing any of the existing home structures, you can still blend new and modern ideas for your garden that will make the entire home look new but at the same time preserve that rustic feel of country style.

A very important aspect to consider first is the garden fence that will replace the old one.
There are several garden fencing ideas that you can choose from that can provide all the necessities for privacy, protection and beautification. The split rail wooden fences look best for a country look. The wood can be made from cedar which is more weather resistant and also insect resistant. Crushed stones instead of concrete are recommended to hold the wooden posts since they don’t lock in the moisture thus extending its life. You can attach nylon or wire mesh to the rails for more protection and to allow your favorite flowering vines like Morning Glory and Honeysuckle to spread out readily.

Another authentic garden fencing idea if you have a spacious garden is the dry stone walls garden fencing. This type of fencing can withstand the harshest climate conditions and provides great security. The best type of stones will be those that are naturally found in your locality. The other popular types of stone being used are limestone, bluestone, and granite. Bricks are also very attractive. A solid gate made of hard wood and steel frames will look perfect in this type of garden fence. You can choose to plant herbaceous perennials along the edges of the wall like irises, lilies or lavenders.